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Cameron Galloway

Since we signed up to Jump Start Jonny, it has become a regular feature of our school day from breakfast clubs, morning exercise and class PE. The videos are easy to access and pitched at a great level for the children so it is inclusive for all. We have seen a steady increase in children's base fitness levels - and best of all, the children love Jump Start Jonny and his high energy workouts! WHOOOPA!


Laura Silcock

Joining the Jump Start Jonny Club has been one of the best things I've done as a teacher because it's hugely improved the children's happiness, concentration and fitness! I recommend Jump Start Jonny membership to everyone!


Ben Case

Jump Start Jonny membership has created a real buzz in our school! His routines are a great way of refocusing the children and giving them a 'brain break'! The fact we have been able to start our own Jump Start Jonny after school club is testament to his popularity!