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December 13, 2016
Exam Message
May 8, 2017


  1. Mrs Louisa Thomas says:

    We love joining in with your moves every morning. We love it when you wink at us!
    From all of your thankful friends,
    Robin class

    • Lesley Bruce says:

      Oh I’m excited it’s up and running now x

      • Jenny McFarlane says:

        We all think you’re AMAZING Jump Start Jonny. My kids absolutely love you!

        • Mrs Pam Wilkie says:

          We think that your new videos are awesome! We think that you are a supper star!
          Thank you
          From Reception
          Class 6 and Class 5

            • Jump Start Jonny says:

              WHOOOPA!!! I’m so pleased you love all the new videos!!! Which one’s your favourite? 😀 😀 😀

            • Ben Case says:

              My reception class love the new videos, they said it made them run out of breath!

                • Jump Start Jonny says:


                • Steph says:

                  Awesome website 👏

                  • nicola maclennan says:

                    We are soooooooo happy your new website is up and running. We all love your fun workouts and cant wait for you to visit us again 🙂
                    You are AWESOME!!!!!

                      • Jump Start Jonny says:


                      • Mrs Sangray says:

                        So excited about your new website! Whoopa!

                        • Lewis Waters says:

                          My name is Lewis I love you jump start Jonny

                          • mateusz l says:

                            i like this

                            • Lyla K says:

                              Hi it’s Lyla I love doing your workouts at school and at home

                              • Jump Start Jonny says:

                                Hello Deborah, Thanks for the comment. We’re working hard on giving you a buffer free experience while playing the videos. I am hoping in the next few days, you’ll not see any of those issues. WHOOOPA!

                                • Jump Start Jonny says:

                                  Hi Kirsty!

                                  Jump Start Jonny here! WHOOOPA!

                                  I hear you’ve been having an issue playing some of my videos. My team has looked into this and we think we have solved the problem!

                                  Please could you try playing the video you had an issue with and let me know if you can now access it?

                                  I look forward to hearing from you!

                                  JSJ 😊

                                  • melissa a says:

                                    Hi Jonny,
                                    What a fast response too.
                                    Much appreciated, our boys and girls can join in with your great dance moves once again.

                                    • Jump Start Jonny says:

                                      It was good to speak with you on the phone just now!
                                      As discussed, we’ll get this sorted ASAP!
                                      Have an amazing lunch!
                                      JSJ 😀

                                      • Evelyna a says:

                                        hi jonny

                                        • Evelyna says:


                                          • Natalie C says:


                                            Thank you Jump Start Jonny, we are running a wake up shake up session every morning using your videos 🙂 Our children are loving getting active with you.

                                            Do you ever come into schools?

                                            We are now all signed up as Gold members and look forward to the full package.

                                            Natalie Collett
                                            Gateway Primary School

                                              • Jump Start Jonny says:

                                                Hi Natalie!

                                                It’s great hearing from you and I’m so pleased you guys love jumping with me! WHOOOPA!

                                                If you pop me an email, we can talk about a school visit! I’m fully booked for some time, but get in touch and I’ll keep you updated! The email address is 😀

                                                Have an AMAZING day!

                                                Jump Start Jonny 😀

                                              • Stuart T says:

                                                Went to my daughter’s school this morning to help out and got involved with the morning Jump Start Jonny routine. The whole class rocked it to Gangnam Style and I must say it was pretty amazing. I would love to purchase a DVD instead of a membership. Is a DVD in the works?

                                                  • Stuart T says:

                                                    Also I’m a web developer and have noticed although you have SSL setup on your website, it’s not fully secure. Some items are being loaded via http:// instead of https://. You should speak to your web guys as your visitors may be presented by a message stating your site is not secure and it defeats the whole purpose of having an SSL certificate and could affect your conversion rates. Don’t like to be “that guy”, just thought it was worth mentioning 🙂

                                                  • Karen beattie says:

                                                    i have did it every day morning afternoon night

                                                    • Karen beattie says:

                                                      i loved it so much i even do it before bed morning afternoon night bed
                                                      that is so a lot ????

                                                      the best xxxx

                                                      • tejiri says:

                                                        I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS MY CLASS DO’S IT

                                                        • anthony says:

                                                          I LOVE YOU

                                                          • tejiri says:

                                                            MERRY CHISTMAS JONNY

                                                            • tejiri says:

                                                              WELCOME JONNY I LIKE YOU AND HI YOU ARE THE BEST AND MERRY XMAS JONNY GOODBYE JONNY

                                                              • Isabel S says:

                                                                Hello Jump Start Jonny!
                                                                We love dancing to your videos our favourite one is salute.
                                                                Please come to our School!
                                                                From Rabbit Class!

                                                                • Isla says:

                                                                  Jump star Jonny i loved having a go at that so i really love shake it off woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo come and visit DUNDONALD PRIMARY please merry xmas Jonny

                                                                  BYE BYE

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